The Best iPhone Games for serious gamesters!

It would take eons, and then some, to play all the iPhone games available in its App Store. It is crammed with gaming goodies to keep a serious gamester’s thumb always busy with never a boring moment in the day. With more than a million games available, the options are actually boundless. However, you will find, not every one of these games is worth your time or your money. Which is why, lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best free and paid iPhone games that you should try out first based on your interests.

Best free games on iPhone

A word of caution about free games, you will find a lot of “in-app payment options and annoying advertisements in free iPhone games and will need to exercise parental control to avoid accidental payments. However, they are the best apps to pass the general time of the day without any expenditure. Here is a list of 5 that you must try out-

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne: A racing game with over 200 million players, and never a boring moment
  2. Beneath The Lighthouse: A boy’s quest to find his grandpa leads him into a puzzle under the lighthouse
  3. Cally’s Caves 3: Cally’s battle to save her husband leads her to an action packed run and gun chase puzzle
  4. Circle Affinity: Interesting, top notch game with loads of replay value.
  5. Clash Royale: This is a real time multiplayer game to get the clash Royale family to victory


The most popular paid iPhone games

Depending on your choices you will find games for fighting, sports, puzzles and RPGs. Listed below are some of the most popular iPhone games that will keep your finger busy. Paid games offset some of the free games that are usually funded by hidden in-app purchases. Remember to understand the kind of time you can spend on the games and the type of game you choose to buy. While some are more session games that need you to spend more time, some are odd five minute game that you can play whenever you have time. So choose wisely to pick what suits you best before you spend your money. Here are five of the most currently popular games for you to try-

  1. New: Pocus (1.99 USD): This is a survival game. You have a square inside a cube and try to gobble the rest of the cube in a separate color. But as you move, due to gravity the cube’s direction changes and floors become walls and walls become floors and have black color traps that you need to escape from walking into.
  2. Vignettes (2.99 USD): Vignettes are ideally suited to a small screen of a phone and is an exploratory game which keeps revealing secrets with a swipe of the finger. It holds many surprises and is interactively imaginative in itself
  3. Float (1.99 USD): This game is all about protection of a fragile, beautiful lily that is floating and you need to protect it from boulders and wood that can splinter it on contact and will require you to restart the game
  4. Alpha pit (2.99 USD): There is basically a word game, but with a decided 200 levels that you can aim to beat if you know how to solve the word puzzle. To differentiate itself from other word games like scrabble, Alpha pit has bonuses like, removing a word sequence that is annoying you or spare letters that you can be swapped when needed.
  5. Stagehand (1.99 USD): This is a flip off of platform games. Instead of removing obstacles from your hero’s way, you try to put in the landscape to make his path easier. With a nice music attached to the game, it is refreshingly satisfying to save your little guy making treacherous way.

Enjoy Gaming!

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