Lantern Festival 3D – The Interactive Android Wallpaper App

What are interactive wallpaper apps?

Interactive wallpaper apps are typically animated backgrounds that keep your phone dynamic through ever-changing screens. This has been a long standing feature available on Android phones. While it was a craze and a must have at one point of time, it still holds sway with many individuals.

These wallpapers can be set to change every once in a while or each time you power the screen on. One of the concerns that most people have with respect to using an interactive Android wallpaper app is the effect on the phone’s battery. However, Android has over the past few years, become highly efficient and these wallpapers no more eat away your phone’s battery. So you can happily download one that suits you and use it to flaunt your style and taste.

Lantern Festival 3D

Due to the popularity, there are a wide range of choices available in this like 3D Parallax Background, Dream Night (Pro), Circulux LWP, Device Info Live Wallpaper, KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker, Minima Pro Live Wallpaper, Space Colony, Muzei Live Wallpaper etc. However Lantern Festival 3D is one option that is really attractive live wallpaper app from by Oleksandr Popov. The app is truly lively as it imitates the Lantern Festival celebration.

When you swipe your home screens, you get views of sweeping landscape that also swivel like it’s having a VR effect. What is amazing is that it also comes with a range of customization choices that allow you to set things like the time of the day, the number of boats, the number of lanterns and many more options.

It goes without saying that lanterns by themselves have a mesmerizing effect. They make for a highly aesthetic, eye pleasing visual effect that kind of soothes you. This live Android wallpaper will transport you to the world of Lantern Festival giving you a feel like never before. You are likely to stay hooked on this for quite some time for the sheer beauty of the soothing screens.

Get yours Lantern today

Interestingly, this live Android wallpaper is also accessible as a Google Cardboard app. The lanterns will make your phone more enchanting, lively and provide a vivid atmosphere wherever you are. Even if you are not a great fan of interactive Android wallpapers, Lantern Festival 3D is all set to change that. So, get going and set it up on your Android phone and join the celebration.

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