Traffic Rider for PC

Have you ever dreamt of riding an exotic super sports bike on the highway…? Turning heads and over taking all the automobiles? Your wish shall be fulfilled. If you are wondering how, it’s easy. Read on.

Traffic Rider is a game released Soner Kara who also has the phenomenal hit game Traffic Racer. It can be downloaded on devices like mobile phone, tablet, iPad, etc. though it is originally built for only a mobile phone. Rest assures, you can easily install it on your PC as well.

Popular Game

Why this game is so popular is that: it has a feature that can upgrade your bikes and pick new ones off the line. There are different modes of different riding styles. For example, in the career mode, there are over 40 different missions to choose from. The highways are long and challenging and is a thrill to take control of. There are additional in-game cash and points that you earn for stunts like wheelies. This is similar to how you get extra points in GTA for cornering and drifting. Dodging the traffic and driving in the wrong lane will get you extra points as well. Speed thrills. If you overtake vehicles at close range and at high speeds or both, you will earn extra points and it is easier for you to reach the high score.

There are day and night modes. Riding at night is more challenging. There are various terrains to test how good and skilled a rider you are. Ride through mountains, hills and valleys, snow and rain, deserts and sand storms. Notice how the beautiful scenery changes with the change in terrain.


What makes it challenging is that you start off with a low powered motor bike and start racing the streets. As you clear challenges along the way, you will unlock more powerful bikes and in game cash points and bonus points. Your skill as a Street Racer is put to test. The challenges increase your skills and you will unlock more bonuses, super bikes and cash points as you go along.

If you are missing out on all the fun because of being unable to download this mobile phone app onto your PC, fret not. There are emulators like Blue Stacks. This software enables your PC to emulate an android or a windows phone, which makes it compatible for the game to be downloaded on to your PC.

Using an application file like BlueStacks, you can convert your Windows PC into an Android powered device and access all the games and apps that are not compatible with the Windows or the iOS but are widely available on the Android Platform.

The easiest way for you to download Traffic Rider would involve first downloading an emulator, the most common one being BlueStacks and then the app itself. Time to race the streets!

Happy Racing, Street Racer!

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