Best Android GPS Apps

Every day new apps are added to Google Play Store, so you can be sure that you will find an app for just about anything that you need. With developers constantly trying to make their apps better and more meaningful, reaching unknown destinations and navigating through streets is literally a breeze.

If you are in a foreign country, don’t have an Internet connection and have switched off your data roaming, you need never panic or feel lost- not with so many offline GPS doing the rounds.


Google Maps

 A favorite- there’s nothing in the Android repository that can come close to this one. It has so many built in default features that includes route information, live traffic updates, directions by turn, varied view options that makes navigating easy and simple. The best thing about this app is that you can use it offline too. You just have to download the area maps that you want beforehand. In fact, you can even download multiple areas on to your smartphone and opt for the Wi-Fi only mode where network connections are available. In case you feel the need to free up space on your phone, you can transfer the offline maps on to your external SD card. With multiple public transport options to choose from, latest information about traffic and closed roads, getting to your destination is no big deal at all.

A word of caution though- maps that have been downloaded will be deleted after a period of 30 days


GPS Navigation and Maps Sygic

Powered by Tom Tom, Sygic GPS is believed to be a very reliable app that can help you navigate using minimum data. The best part is that a lot of maps are stored on the phone itself and these can easily be used for offline navigation. The app delivers fairly accurate directions and has voice-guided GPS features too. To cap it all, free map updates are always on. If you feel like sharing your trip with family and close friends, then real time route sharing makes this possible. Maps are simple to interpret and users have the option to switch between modes. With information about available parking spaces, fuel prices, hotels, tourists and visitors need have no qualms at all



This is a community-driven GPS app that is great as an alternative to Google Maps. Unlike the latter, which is a very popular general navigation app, Waze is a social networking app that gathers information from real-time users to generate traffic data, information about fuel prices, speed cameras and closed roads. With a turn-by-turn guided navigation feature, it’s great for drivers and bikers too. It has the uncanny ability to even reroute your route according to prevailing traffic conditions.



Another offline navigation app that allows you to download entire parts of cites and save those maps for times when you don’t have access to the Internet. Like some of the other apps it uses OpenStreetMap and provides turn-by-turn directions. Although it doesn’t give real-time traffic information, it does includes other points of interest such as places with Wi-Fi connectivity, washrooms, making it ideal for visitors and tourists. Regardless of whether you’re walking, cycling or driving, the app offers turn-by-turn directions. A very handy app to have- quick and easy to use.

All these apps are available globally and hence should work well with any Android smartphone.