Download Whatsapp for BADA Operating System

Today the whole world is limited into a small gadget, which we call smart phone. There are billions of mobile applications present on the app stores of different operating system. Some of them are really useful for the users. There are several messenger apps which provide a platform to all the users where they can share text messages, photos, videos, audios, emoticons and many other files.

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Instagram for PC: free download

Brief Introduction: Instagram App

Instagram is the gift of advanced technology to the youth. It is the social networking platform which provide facilities to users to share their photos, videos and other files. Instagram is basically a mobile application designed for Android and iOS operating system. But after looking at the positive response from the users and increasing demand of the app, the owners of Instagram Inc. had decided to launch the application on windows operating system also. Now it is also available on windows mobile. [Read more…]

Whatsapp for PC (Window XP/7/8)

Whatsapp: A quick Introduction

Whatsapp is not a new term for anybody, all the smart phone users know very well about the Whatsapp Messenger. In our country, major chunk of people this social messaging app, Whatsapp is such app through which the user can share text messages, picture, videos, audio clips, songs and many other things. Whatsapp is compatible for bar phones and tablets. In the era where social media has reached everywhere, this app has proved its worth, most of the people has adopted whatsapp messenger as their default medium of messaging. They use the app to send text and other file on the daily basis. Whatsapp runs on all the three major Operating systems which are Windows, iOS and Android. Recently whatsapp also introduced voice calling feature for Android users. Earlier users could only send voice clips but now they can talk live with help of voice calling facility of Whatsapp. The company is planning to launch the same functions for Apple and Microsoft users.

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Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows 7/8

What Is Bluestacks?

Although most of the tech savvy users must be well aware of Bluestacks but still for those who are less familiar with this term, Bluestarks is an android Simulator software which is used to run the ‘.apk’ files on windows an other operating systems. Bluestacks was launched in 2014 as an online android app installer and launcher. Very soon the developers realized the popularity of the emulator and they developed the offline version of Bluestacks after making the necessary improvisation. The team of experts did in-depth research to find the strong and weak aspects of Bluestacks offline installer before launching it. People are really appreciating the new offline installer of the android simulator as it help them to experience the best apps and games of android format on their laptops and PC.

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Download Hill Climb Racing for PC

It is an Android based game. There are various other games available in the market today, but Hill Climb Race has its own place. The popularity can be estimated by the fact that dozens of clones has been created for this game. Playing the game on a bigger screen would be a better alternative. So, let us discuss How to Download Hill Climb for PC.

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Download Opera browser for PC ( Windows 7/XP/8 )

Opera is a browser used by almost all operating system of the computer. This software is easily available online. The users can download the browser for free. Opera is compatible with all versions of windows, Linux and even MAC. Opera also has a lighter version known as Opera Mine. Opera Mini is used by the mobile users as it helps the mobile users to enjoy internet on their devices. Opera mini was among first browsers developed for mobile users which provided the main sense of mobility to the people. Due to light weight size, Opera mini makes the net surfing experience faster and reliable.

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Clash of Clans for PC: Download windows version

Clash of Clans is the strategy game appreciated by the mobile users. The game is easily available on the android base application store (Google Play Store) and on the app stores of Apple but still the developers have not launched the official version of the game for PC. The game lovers can download the Clash of Clans by reading the his article. This article is the tutorial which will guide you to download the Clash of Clans for PC. The whole process suggested in the post is easy to perform.

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Hike Messenger for PC: free download for Windows XP/7/8

Hike Messenger is also a very popular messenger app in the market, Hike is helping people in expanding their social circle. With the help of Hike, people stay in touch with people close to them whether they are friends, family and loved once. Hike provide them platform to its users through which they can send unlimited messages, the users can communicate with friends live with help of this messenger. Like any other messenger, hike also provides option s to send Photos, Videos, songs, Contacts, and simple text messages without charging any extra cost. Hike runs on Net connection it only consumes limited data of the users.

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